Workplace Culture: Mentoring Gives and Receives

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, June 28th, 2016

Mentoring as a part of your workplace culture is a great way to strengthen the nursing workforce and, in turn, improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.

workplace culture: nurse mentoring programMentoring is a way of giving back to the profession, but mentors also receive energy and fresh perspective from emerging talent. It’s not just mentors and mentees who benefit, though. The entire profession does—and patients and their families, too, according to a report on the future of nursing released by the Institute of Medicine (IOM.

Mentoring also helps health care organizations and colleges retain nurses and nurse educators, which can curb a shortage of nurses and nurse faculty. As we know, about one in five nurses will leave their jobs within the first year, and more than one in two will leave within seven years..

In addition, mentoring is one strategy that can increase the diversity of the predominantly white and female profession, which in turn can help narrow health disparities. In New Mexico 59 underserved minority high school students were given nurse mentors and 100 percent of the students enrolled in a college nursing program.

Mentoring, of course, is nothing new. Ever since Florence Nightingale, nurses have been taking novices under their wings and helping them to learn how to fly. Who can you mentor?

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