Why Do You Want to be a Nurse?

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, January 29th, 2010

nursingstudentI just read the the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics says we’ll need 24% more nurses in the next 6 years! Mindful of the worst job market in more than 25 years, many students enrolling in colleges and universities are considering majors that they believe will land them stable careers…that’s why many choose nursing.

But it takes more than an interest in a stable career to make a good nurse. It takes the heart of caring.

When we “seasoned” nurses entered the profession up-teen years ago, we did so because of the profound desire to help people. As I travel, helping hospitals to recruit and retain nurses, I hear many different reasons why the “new” nurses enter the profession. Too often “helping people” is too far down the line on their list.

We all need to encourage people to enter our service of caring, remembering just that…it is a service for caring. Make sure the “new” nurse has that heart.

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