Why Aren’t Nurses Advancing Their Education?

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, March 12th, 2015

Less than half of Nurse Advanced DegreeRNs with an associate’s degree or a diploma plan to pursue any additional education in nursing.

However, RNs ages 19-39 are more likely to pursue higher education, with nearly 25% saying they expect to pursue a BSN and 34% planning to obtain an MSN, compared with 22% of RNs ages 40-54 planning to pursue a BSN and 22% eying an MSN.

Of younger nurses, 21% are certified in their specialty, but 59% expect to seek certification, according to the annual survey conducted by AMN Healthcare.

When asked why they may not be pursuing further education at this time, many admit that the stress of working in healthcare today is already overwhelming. To learn how to decrease stress throughout your healthcare system, visit SelfCare for HealthCare™. Contact me today to discuss my Nurses Week presentations that reenergize nurses with life balance tools.

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