What Increases Nurse Job Satisfaction and Nurse Retention?

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, August 15th, 2013

Nurses have to do more with less these days. Given heightened stress levels and workloads, it’s not surprising that healthcare employers said their top staffing challenge for 2013 was lifting employee morale (34%), followed by retaining top talent (33%), finding skill workers (32%) and offering competitive compensation (30%).

34% of healthcare employers said they currently have open positions for which they can’t find qualified candidates. Among healthcare organizations with more than 50 employees, that number is 43%.

Workers reported that the key factors that influence job satisfaction and retention are:

• Work/life balance – 18% of workers said they are dissatisfied with their work/life balance, and when asked what is preventing them from having that balance, the highest percentage cited a workload that is too heavy (44%), followed by their employer’s unwillingness to provide flexible work schedules (21%).

• Pay – 75% of healthcare workers say they do not earn their desired salary – with 29% saying not anywhere near it. While 44% say they received a merit raise in 2012, 17% say they haven’t received one since before 2008. Four in ten health care workers (41%) say they have not received a cost-of-living increase since before 2008.

• Career advancement – Nearly a quarter (24%) of healthcare workers are not satisfied with their career progress. A lack of upward mobility was also one of the top reasons why healthcare workers decided to look for employment opportunities.

• Switching Industries – Nearly three in ten (29%) healthcare workers say they are currently trying to acquire skills in a new industry or field. Of these workers, 54% are going back to school, 18% are volunteering, and 7% are taking on temporary or contract work.

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