Wellness Programs Help National Health Crisis

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, January 27th, 2015

healthcare wellness programsWellness programs not only help organizations and employees, but can help fix our national health crisis.

Because of their interactions and influences on employees, workplaces have a unique ability to change an employee’s mindset from one of sickness to wellness. “Companies are a microcosm of society and an important and unleveraged setting for health improvement and risk reduction,” says Dr. Ron Goetzel, a leading expert in the field of health and productivity management. With 150 million Americans going to work every day, corporate America is not only in the best position to change our nation’s health, but has a responsibility to do so.

As part of a project with the Department of Defense, over 20 award-winning and recognized workplace wellness systems were studied, such as Johnson & Johnson, L.L. Bean and Safeway. These leading organizations changed how people interact with healthcare, in a way that government or healthcare organizations have been unable to do.

The organizations with the greatest success are shifting people’s relationship with health from one of annual doctors’ office visits to one where health is practiced daily through small lifestyle habits. These practices improve employee’s lives while reducing future costs. For the organizations in the study, this translated into average annual health care cost increases of 1 to 2 percent compared to the 7 percent national average.

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