Operation Babylift (6:18)

President Ford okayed operation Babylift. “You won’t help us take out 6 babies, but 300!” With this greeting in Saigon in April 1975, LeAnn Thieman was “accidentally” caught up in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift.

Balancing Life in Your War Zones (10:45)

Work-life balance is a struggle for all of us at some points in our lives. By sharing fantastic photos and amazing stories from her Vietnam Orphan Airlift adventure, LeAnn gives lessons for balancing life in your “war zones.” This humorous, inspirational and educational presentation offers specific tools to care for your mind, body and spirit every day. She helps you to truly live your priorities and make a difference in the world.

Inspiration for Nurses (2:35)

By sharing Chicken Soup stories, and those from her own 30 years of nursing, LeAnn encourages, uplifts and honors nurses and champions their daily contributions and sacrifices.

Life Balance for Nurses and Caregivers (3:06)

LeAnn asks her audiences, “Who’s the boss of you?” Nurses and healthcare givers can create balance in their lives by following her entertaining, educational “Care 4 Me” strategies.

Reduce Stress and Burnout; Increase Recruitment and Retention (7:39)

By identifying causes and symptoms of stress, LeAnn offers simple, fun, life-changing strategies to care for our minds, bodies and spirits. LeAnn is an expert on nurse recruiting and nurse retention and helps hospitals and healthcare systems recruit and retain top talent.

SelfCare for HealthCare™ (10:26)

Heathcare givers cannot deliver what they don’t have inside. A nurse of 30 years, LeAnn teaches strategies for caregivers to care for themselves as they care for others. Those of strong mind, body and spirit deliver better patient care, resulting in better outcomes, satisfaction and reimbursements. The best way to care for the patient, is to care for the caregiver.

Chicken Soup for the Soul for Women (5:10)

Women are often so busy saving the whales and saving the world and saving the children, they forget to save themselves! In this fun, motivational session LeAnn offers tools for them to care for themselves while they care for everyone else.

Light a Single Candle (2:15)

During her mission to Vietnam to save orphan babies, LeAnn saw a sign in a hospital that stuck with her for life. It read, “It’s better to light a single candle than curse the darkness.” LeAnn takes her powerful message that each person is a hero in their own life to empower her audiences to make a difference, to give of their time, talent and treasure.

Chicken Soup for Christian Soul (5:36)

LeAnn’s Divine assignment to be a part of the Vietnam orphan Airlift taught her lessons that changed her life…and now changes her audiences. She proves her conviction that, just as God led her to Vietnam, He leads us all when we trust His guidance. Her presentations fill people with hope and love, nourishes their souls, and deepens their faiths.

Living Catholic Faith (38:34)

LeAnn Thieman is a nationally acclaimed professional speaker, author, and nurse who was “accidentally” caught up in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift in 1975 when she helped rescue 300 babies as Saigon was falling to the Communists. Through God’s grace, she endured and is living proof that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. By sharing her amazing adventure and stories from her book Chicken Soup for the Soul, Living Catholic Faith, she proves her conviction that, just as God led her to Vietnam, He leads us all when we trust His guidance.