The Effect of Unhealthy Work Cultures on Nurses’ Health

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, April 2nd, 2015

toxic work cultureThe quality of the workplace climate greatly affects an employer’s success in improving the health and productivity of their workforce through wellness and health management programs. How are unhealthy work cultures affecting your nurses’ health?

According to new research by the Integrated Benefits Institute, employees in poor working environments spent more than twice as much time away from work due to common job-related maladies, including chronic pain, fatigue and difficulty sleeping. Work climates were measured by employee perceptions of jobsite safety, respect and trust among staff and managers, job engagement and satisfaction, and overall workload.

Those who experience frequent nervousness, restlessness and other mental health conditions reported lower job performance in negative working climates, compared with those in positive working climates.

Research proves that not only are bad work climates associated with both higher rates of absences and poorer job performance, they also exacerbate the negative effects of mental and physical health symptoms.

One of the most common barriers to employers’ efforts in curbing the toll that physical and mental health conditions have on their workforce is the extent to which managers and supervisors are engaged in championing their companies’ wellness and health management programming.

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