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Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, October 24th, 2008

Our nation is expected to be short 500,000 nurses within the next ten years, plus 750,00 nursing assistants.  It is my mission in life to end this shortage. It is a lofty goal, indeed, yet I believe I.. no, we…are up to it.

I’m conviced that nurses and healthcare givers can end our own shortage. That is why I launched my Each One Reach One Nurse campaign. By following these suggestions, we can help recruit and retain the nurses we need.

That is the sole purpose of this blog. I will post ideas I glean as I travel the nation helping to hire and inspire nurses. I encourage you to share your ideas too.

Together we can each one reach one nurse.

Together, as usual, we nurses will use our dedication, resourcefulness and wisdom to solve this “ailment” too.

LeAnn Thieman

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