Retain Nurses by Modeling Good Behavior

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, October 14th, 2010

Once I heard a heavily tattooed professional basketball player who had broken more than one law say, “I’m not a role model. I never asked to be one.” Many of you have heard me say often, that we are all role models, all the time, whether we want to be or not. That’s why we must model the behavior we want in others.

We must model positive attitudes. If we are grumblers and complainers, we can expect others to be also. Colleagues often take their behavioral cues from you. If you welcome them with a cheery, “Good Morning,” they are likely to do the same. If you maintain a professional atmosphere, they usually follow suit.

Yet if you correct their behavior without adjusting your own less-than-favorable habits, they will see you as hypocritical.

To retain nurses, we need to all model the behavior you want to see in others.

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