Promote Employee Engagement with Wellness

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, May 5th, 2015

Some companies are skeptical of the importance of well-being at the office because of the misconception that focusing on well-being interrupts work time and doesn’t affect key outcomes.

This is a mistake. Well-being is the catalyst to cultivate employee engagement and thriving employees who perform at their best every day. Gallup’s research reveals that when companies add a well-being focus to their engagement program, productivity soars!

employee engagementEngagement alone has been shown to have a positive relationship with employees’ health outcomes. At one large insurance company Gallup studied, workgroups with high employee engagement had 8% fewer unhealthy days than average over a six-month period. But workgroups that were engaged and thriving in their well-being had 38% fewer unhealthy days, proving the added benefit of a well-being focus.

The data proved that focusing on employee engagement and well-being together helps companies maximize productivity.

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