Nursing News: Quality of Care from Nurse Practitioners Comparable to That of Doctors

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, May 28th, 2013

A recent report from the bipartisan National Governors Association (NGA) emphasizes the need to reduce state scope-of-practice barriers for nurse practitioners (NPs).

The conclusion was based on a comprehensive literature review of relevant research, spanning several years. The NGA focused on studies that addressed the quality of NP care and patient satisfaction with that care, as well as state regulation of NP scope of practice. Among the NGA’s findings from the studies:

·         “Most studies showed that NP-provided care is comparable to physician-provided care on several process and outcome measures. Moreover, the stud­ies suggest that NPs may provide improved access to care.”

·         “Research suggests that NPs can perform many prima­ry care services as well as physicians do and achieve equal or higher patient satisfaction rates among their patients.”

·         “NPs rate favor­ably in terms of achieving patients’ compliance with recommendations, reductions in blood pressure and blood sugar, patient satisfaction, longer consultations, and general quality of care.”

·         “One 2003 review found that NPs are more likely to serve under served urban populations and rural areas, and a 2009-2010 American Academy of Nurse Practitioners national sample sur­vey showed that roughly 18% of the respondents indicated that they practiced in rural areas.”

The NGA concludes, “To better meet the nation’s current and growing need for primary care providers, states may want to consider easing their scope of practice restrictions and modify­ing their reimbursement policies to encourage greater NP involvement in the provision of primary care.”

With the looming shortage of physicians and the increase of patients needing care, we need to increase nurse retention and encourage advanced practice.

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One response to “Nursing News: Quality of Care from Nurse Practitioners Comparable to That of Doctors”

  1. Patricia Stover Trawick says:

    I am a big supporter for NPs and feel they do an excellent job. My concern though is the missed identity, many of the patients have them. I find them calling them “my doctor!” Even on some of the medications bottles it says Dr.Xxx. instead o XxxNPC who was the person who wrote the order. This is bad practice
    by the NPs who don’t correct this and have clients referring to them as Doctor. Otherwise the care depends on the individual.

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