Nursing News: Public Health Nurses Lead Healthcare Reform

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, January 7th, 2014

Public Health Nurses work tirelessly staffing rural health clinics, talking to high-schoolers about the dangers of tobacco and sexually transmitted diseases, offering counsel to pregnant teens, screening schoolchildren for hearing deficiencies, studying what programs work and why and how to best evaluate their effectiveness, and conducting research to stave off illness before it starts.

It’s a critical, well-respected but largely unheralded job. But with the advent of the Affordable Care Act and the seismic change it will bring, the profession is poised to play an even larger role in making sure people stay healthy and that those likely to become ill are helped quickly, competently and purposefully.

As we shift away from an “illness care” system to one focused on health promotion and prevention, we need more public health nurse generalists and advanced practice public health nurses to understand and lead healthcare reform. To attract more nurses, we need to give more attention to what public health nurses do, why it’s important, how it’s both fulfilling as a profession and critical to this country’s future , and why funding public health programs is critical.

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