Nursing News: Nursing Educators Needed to End Nursing Shortage

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, November 13th, 2012

Indiana University School of Nursing has been awarded a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evaluating Innovations in Nursing Education grant to study the stages of decision-making that lead to careers in nursing education. Findings will be used to develop strategies for increasing enrollment in doctoral programs and also the numbers of graduates who seek and are retained in faculty roles, helping ease the nursing shortage.

The study is titled “Exploring the State of Doctoral Education: Implications for the Nursing Faculty Shortage.” This research will be instrumental in helping to address the need for more nursing faculty. The study will investigate decisions made by MSN-prepared nurse educators when seeking a doctoral degree; those factors considered by doctoral students choosing between a Ph.D. and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree; decisions of doctoral students seeking faculty positions; satisfaction of recent doctoral graduates with academic and/or practice roles; and intentions of recent graduates to stay in their current roles.

The Institute of Medicine Report “The Future of Nursing” identified addressing the shortage of nursing faculty and doctorally prepared nurses in the United States as a top priority.

This research addresses six areas of need that are critical to achieving the recommendations from the IOM report on ‘The Future of Nursing’: one, teaching productivity in nursing education; two, faculty preparation in nursing education; three, the shortage of doctorally prepared nursing faculty; four, career decision-making among doctoral students in nursing; five, effectiveness of strategies for leveraging the expertise of existing faculty to teach more doctoral and undergraduate students in nursing; and six, strategies to improve recruitment and retention efforts for nurse faculty.

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