Nursing News: Nurse Practitioners Reduce Healthcare Costs

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, March 26th, 2013

There are many benefits of graduate degrees for nurses, including the ability to do diagnostic testing, patient health education and counseling, prescriptions, as well as treatment for acute and chronic conditions.

Nurse practitioners can perform clinical services independently of physicians and help to reduce healthcare costs for individual patients, businesses, hospitals and clinics. There over 150,000 nurse practitioners in the U.S. and they save taxpayer money. NP clinics bill around 80% of what doctors normally charge.

According to recent figures, over 55 million U.S. residents are experiencing a shortage of primary care physicians. This can lead to poor health management and a rise in chronic diseases and ailments. These people can secure optimal care from a licensed and dedicated nurse practitioner. Like physicians, they accept a range of health insurance plans as well. recently launched a new info-graphic for nurses looking to go back to school. With in depth information on graduate degrees and nursing programs, this site has helped nurses secure higher paying jobs as nurse practitioners.

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