Nursing News: How Nurses Relieve Chronic Pain and Suffering

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, June 10th, 2014

New research highlights the psychological distress seen in people who have chronic pain, and discusses different ways support from nurses and other people in the patients’ lives can reduce this suffering.

Lead author Marianne Matthias, PhD, told Pain Medicine News that the value the nurses provide lies in both the delivery of the study intervention, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and in the human contact and caring involved.

Dr. Matthias, a research snurse talkingcientist at the VA Health Services Research & Development Center for Health Information and Communication, Roudebush VA Medical Center, Indianapolis, said that many of the participants clung to the support, motivation, encouragement and listening they got from the nurse care manager. Participants talked about how the nurse was so valuable, not just in terms of the CBT, but because he/she listened and was empathetic and cared.

This model should be extended to treatment of all Americans who have chronic pain because nurses have great teaching skills and provide an important human connection to the patients. One of the real barriers getting these interventions to patients is the shortage of people to deliver it.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I love your article! I worked in a Pain Clinic for over four years. As with all of our patients, the need to be present and acknowledge what they are feeling is at the forefront of their individual care. Essentially, this is what all of our patients deserve and need. Sadly, the current paradigm in many arenas does not acknowledge or support RN’s in this due to their increased workload. This was at the forefront of our education and our collective purpose as nurse’s.

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