Nursing News: Clinical Settings Needed to Increase Nursing School Enrollment and End the Nursing Shortage

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, November 29th, 2012

To end the nursing shortage and avoid the pending crisis, we need to educate more nurses. The challenge is finding more instructors and clinical settings. Nursing schools are limited with the number of students they can admit, and some schools have to decrease admissions because of limited clinical space and inadequate faculty numbers. Clinical settings require at least one faculty member per eight students; in some settings, that ratio is even smaller.

There is competition for clinical space, as multiple nursing programs at various colleges vie for space at nearby acute care facilities, mental health institutions and long-term care facilities. Because the clinical experience is a major part of a nursing program, the lack of space also limits enrollment growth.

Some hospitals are working with area nursing schools to help provide clinical educators and space thereby increasing student interest in future employment there. While doing a recruitment and retention event at a Florida hospital, I was impressed to see that they had devoted a small clinical area for the training of nurses from a local community college. The hospital provided qualified nurses to be educators for the program and many of the graduates elected to work there after graduation. A win/win/win solution!

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