Nurse Retention: Younger Nurses Are Most Optimistic

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, February 19th, 2015

The generational differences are showing in nurses’ views of the practice, with younger RNs more likely to have a positive opinion of the nurse supply and use of electronic medical records, according to the annual survey conducted by AMN Healthcare. Results were based on 3,413 responses from questionnaires emailed to 101,431 RNs. This difference in optimism certainly has an impact on nurse retention.

optimism important for nurse retentionThe survey found that while the vast majority of nurses remain satisfied with their career choice, the younger generation is more optimistic about the profession and more receptive to the changes the industry is experiencing.

Despite existing shortages, RNs ages 19-39 are more confident about the supply of nurses and their ability to meet the demands of healthcare reform; 45% of them believe the shortage has improved during the past five years, compared with 41% of RNs ages 40-54 and 34% of RNs ages 55 and older.

Generational differences also appeared involving the use of electronic medical records, a requirement of the Affordable Care Act. While 67% of younger nurses agreed or strongly agreed EMRs were a positive influence on job satisfaction, that number fell to 51% for nurses 40-54 and 45% for RNs 55 and older.

Similarly, 60% of young RNs agreed EMRs positively influence productivity and time management compared to only 38% of older RNs.

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