Nurse Retention Tool: Invest in Employee Wellness

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, October 22nd, 2013

Ten years ago the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthier Worksite Initiative promoted physical activity, nutrition, preventative health screenings and overall healthy choices in the nation’s workplaces through education and examples, such as discount fitness center membership programs and walking trails at the CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta.

Since that time, research has shown the effort has paid off for the nation’s businesses. A Workplace Wellness Programs study by Santa Monica, California-based Rand Corp. and sponsored by the departments of Labor and Health and Human Services showed that approximately half of the nation’s employers offer wellness promotion programs and that participation in them over five years yielded lower health care costs and decreasing health care use for employees. It also noted that wellness programs lead to “statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements among program participants in exercise frequency, smoking behavior and weight control.”

Although the results are positive, the nation’s workers can see much more success. Some advocate simple strategies such as jogging in place during brainstorming sessions, taking the stairs or having walking meetings. For companies without gym equipment, short bursts of high intensity activities such as full body squats or push-ups for 30 seconds three times a day can have a huge impact in alertness, metabolism and efficiency.

Wellness programs have repeatedly been shown as great investments in employee health. To learn about my 12 month transformational SelfCare for HealthCare™ initiative that increases nurse retention and nurse recruitment CONTACT ME DIRECTLY.

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