Nurse Retention: Nurses Want Work Life Balance

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, November 12th, 2015

Here is a secret to help improve nurse retention and nurse recruitment: Quality of life (work life balance) is more important to nurses today than money. They have responsibilities that extend beyond their work obligations. I call this not the Sandwich Generation, but the Club Sandwich Generation! They are often caring for their children, grandchildren, parents and/or grandparents. Implementing work life balance initiatives for nursing staff can significantly improve their morale and enhance loyalty.

nurse work life balanceSome hospitals are offering varying shift lengths and staggered start times to give nurses the flexibility to choose what’s best for their personal obligations. Many provide on-site programs, such as child care centers, elder care centers or gyms.

In today’s value-based health care environment, leaders are responsible for demonstrating value to their patients and employees alike. Nurses are the backbone of this workforce and most often the closest point of patient interface. We must focus greater attention on initiatives that promote their wellness, life balance, and satisfaction.

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