Nurse Retention News: Nurses Face High Levels of Workplace Violence

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, September 12th, 2013

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, in 2012, healthcare and social assistance workers made up one of the largest industry sectors in the U.S., employing an estimated 19.4 million people, or 13.5% of the total workforce. During the past decade, U.S. healthcare workers have accounted for two-thirds of the nonfatal workplace violence injuries involving days away from work. What affect do these staggering statistics have on nurse retention?

Healthcare workers risk facing physical violence and nonphysical violence, such as verbal abuse, on the job, Dan Hartley, EdD, workplace violence prevention coordinator in the Division of Safety Research, and Marilyn Ridenour, BSN, MPH, nurse epidemiologist in the division, wrote in a NIOSH blog post. The data include the incidents that are reported, and past studies have suggested assaults against healthcare workers are underreported, the authors wrote.

The free online course, available through the NIOSH website, aims to teach nurses and other healthcare workers how to recognize and prevent workplace violence. It also encourages nurses to work with employers proactively to prevent violence. The course was developed by NIOSH and others, including nursing and labor organizations, academic groups, government agencies and Vida Health Communications Inc., to address a lack of workplace violence prevention training available to nurses and other healthcare workers. The course was evaluated by 204 members of the American Nurses Association.

Learn more about the workplace violence prevention course.

Workplace violence should never be tolerated. It demeans the victim and impedes nurse recruitment and nurse retention. To learn more about how to retain nurses go to SelfCare for HealthCare. Feel free to CONTACT ME DIRECTLY to talk about customizing a program that is specific to your facility’s needs.

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