Nurse Retention News: Employee Wellness Programs Help Retain Nurses

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, May 7th, 2013

62% of workers believe workplace wellness activities improve health and reduce health risks, up from 55% in 2011, according to the Principal Financial “Well-Being Index: American Workers.”

By taking advantage of workplace wellness offerings, employees are approaching their work with more energy and motivation. 51% of program participants feel wellness benefits encourage them to work harder and perform better, and another 59% say they have more energy to be productive at work as a result of their participation in employer-sponsored wellness programs.

In the wake of the financial challenges that left many companies stretched thin, maintaining a productive workforce is a priority for organizations.

Nearly half (45%) of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current employment situation, up from 40% in 2011. Additionally, 43% of participants say wellness programs have led them to miss fewer days of work, up 8% from 2011.

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