Nurse Retention: How Satisfied Are Nurses?

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, February 26th, 2015

Nearly 90% of nurses, regardless of age, are satisfied with their career choice, and 73% are satisfied with their current jobs, which means we should be optimistic about nurse retention and nurse recruitment.

With the improving economy, approximately 23% of nurses age 55 and older plan to dramatically change their work life, citing retirement, taking a non-nursing job, or working part-time as very near-term possibilities, according to the annual survey conducted by AMN Healthcare.

Nurse Retention_Nurses Satisfied with JobsRNs ages 19-39 were less likely to believe the quality of care has generally declined (37%), compared with RNs 40-54 (56%) and RNs 55 and older (66%).

The possible departure of a significant number of older nurses from the workforce is concerning, but is to be expected as nurses approach retirement age.

Healthcare systems must use innovative approaches to attract and retain their workforce while keeping them effective and satisfied. Innovative workforce solutions are needed to help maintain high standards of patient care during these times of dramatic change in healthcare industry.

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