Nurse Retention: Health Care Reform Has Changed Nurses’ Roles

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, June 3rd, 2014

Nurses are preparing for expanded roles due to health care reform, helping to serve an influx of people with better access to health care. Care coordination, health coaching, telemedicine and advanced practice are just some of the areas impacted that also affect nurse retention and nurse recruitment.

Health care reform does present its challenges, but it also presents opportunities. Nursing schools need to educate students to enter new health care settings, particularly in the community and in preventative care and health promotion.

That’s the challenge – to make sure the educational preparation will match and exceed what will be happening with health care reform, which seems to be a moving target.

Another challengNurse Retention Toolse is ensuring the staff to address the increased patient load. Now all areas of health care are facing staff shortages. That opens opportunities for a broader use of Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners, particularly in rural areas where access to health care is limited.

We nurses are going to keep providing care to these people no matter what laws are passed or not passed.

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