Nurse Recruitment Tool: Achieve Magnet Recognition

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, February 4th, 2013

While the number of organizations seeking Magnet status has increased almost steadily since 2001, to date only 7% of U.S. hospitals have achieved it. This is a sad statistic, being that achieving Magnet status is a valuable nurse recruitment tool.

Why not more hospitals? Is it possible finances are an impediment to achieving Magnet recognition, or is it the voluminous documentation required to apply?

Despite the global recession, most experts believe the cost of applying for and completing the application for Magnet isn’t a factor because the focus of Magnet is consistent with the overall requirements of healthcare today.

Through customer feedback, they have learned that making evidence more useable for nurses, successfully tracking and forecasting performance, and removing obstacles to interdisciplinary relationships are issues often overlooked when considering a Magnet application.

In applying for Magnet, a facility needs to prove they are providing care driven by the most current research and evidence-based practice; that they are including new knowledge and innovation in their care.

Of 17 medical centers named to the 2012 US News Best Hospital in America Honor Roll, 12 are Magnet-recognized organizations.

These are the hospitals in which nurses want to work. They also want to work in a place that cares for them, that helps them balance their professional and personal lives. These are hospitals that thrive in nurse recruitment and nurse retention.

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