Care 4 Me

In these challenging times, when nurses often have to do more with less, burnout is a common threat. Some nurses are postponing retirement, some are working extra shifts and/or more than one job. Since it costs over $60,000 to recruit and train a new nurse, caring for the nurse is a great investment.

One of the best ways to retain nurses is to encourage them to care for themselves as they care for others. Yet, we often treat ourselves in ways that we would never treat someone we love or care for! That’s why I developed this CARE 4 ME acronym, enforcing my messages to nurture our bodies, minds and spirits.

Each One Reach One Nurse (EORON)

We all feel the impact from the nursing shortage and it is expected to only get worse. Predictions say we will be short over 250,000 nurses within the next ten years. With commitment and determination, nurses solve complicated problems every day, and we can solve this one too.

Nurses have it within our power to end the nursing shortage.

Think about it. There are nearly 3 million nurses in the United States. If each nurse recruits or retains just one nurse, we can end our own shortage in just a few years. We all know the benefits of that… improved staffing ratios, less burnout, and most importantly, better patient care.

That’s why I initiated my Each One Reach One Nurse campaign. Employee engagement is key, and this is one of the best ways to involve your staff and empower them to help.

“From our time with LeAnn, nursing has continually infused her teaching into their practice, every day. Our nurse leaders expressed how uplifting it is knowing “we” are united to bring work-life balance to their roles.”


LeAnn Thieman

Care 4 Me

Watch LeAnn Now! Who’s the boss of you? You can choose to lead a more balanced life; you can choose to live your priorities. LeAnn Thieman can show you how.