1) How can LeAnn help our hospital or organization?

Recruitment: Hospitals invite local area nurses and senior nursing students and LeAnn delivers her keynote, sharing stories from Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul and giving them simple tools to care for themselves as attentively as they do everyone else. And while we’re delighted to say that they love her and her message, what they really love is the hospital that brought her there. They want to work someplace that walks the talk and brings them Chicken Soup for their souls…someplace that encourages them to balance their lives and live their priorities. While they may be reluctant to believe an employer, they believe LeAnn, and they sign on! LeAnn subtly weaves in reasons why they should work for you and shows them that you care for them.

At a hospital recruitment event in Portland, 68 people came and 34 signed on that night! This happens a lot. Her clients agree that instead of sending recruiters out, it’s more cost-effective and they get much better results bringing LeAnn in to a captive an interested audience. Amy, our Event Planner, helps you coordinate this event. We know what works best in getting nurses to come, and what they like when they get there. We’ll advise you on everything from chocolate fountains, to CEUs, to promotional fliers!

Retention & Recognition: Two of the main reasons that a nurse quits is burn out and feeling under-appreciated. LeAnn will present her keynote once or four times a day, so as many staff as possible can hear tools for balance and your message of appreciation for all they do. She often begins early morning at the change of shifts and even stays to present to the night shift! More than once, employees admitted they were planning to quit…until their hospital brought them LeAnn. They then believed there were cared for. LeAnn also loves to tour the hospital and visit every unit, thanking the nurses for all they do, and often giving the unit a signed copy of the book (from you!) for the nurses to keep at the station. This bolsters their image of HR and the CNO and means a lot to them.

2) Tell me about this keynote. Why does it impact nurses so much?

In her keynote Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul, LeAnn shares stories from the book that make them laugh for joy and cry with pride of being a nurse. She encourages them to care for themselves as attentively as they do others and gives nurses the tools to balance their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually every day. She teases them about not going to the bathroom during the day and reminds them to eat and sleep and exercise. Her mental tools are relaxation breathing, positive thinking, laughter and forgiveness. And for spiritual balance she encourages them to be in touch with the God they believe in every single day.
Her second message is to help them live their priorities, because a lot of people don’t and that creates an imbalance that often burns them out and they quit.

Her third message is to honor them for all they do. In each of LeAnn’s presentations she tells a little about Operation Babylift, when she helped rescue babies at the end of the Vietnam war. As she shows images of babies in cardboard boxes, strapped in the belly of a cargo jet, she tells a bit of that story and emphatically states that she was no hero, just an ordinary nurse trying to make a difference. Then at the end of her keynote, she makes the audience members the heroes, and she applauds them. They walk out feeling renewed and reinvigorated and recommitted!

3) What is the best way to utilize LeAnn, to get the most from our investment?

LeAnn loves being with you for the whole day, so she can touch as many nurses as possible. To maximize their investment, many hospitals have recruitment and retention events while LeAnn is with them. (see FAQ #1) This is usually cost effective as several budgets can contribute to bringing LeAnn in to help hire and inspire their nurses. LeAnn’s facilitation (see FAQ #1) designs strategies for recruitment and retention that are carried on long term, long after she is gone.

A typical day begins with a retention keynote at 6:30 a.m. for the departing night shift and the oncoming day shift. She repeats this keynote several times a day, even to the late-night shift! Nurses love it when she tours each unit, thanking them on your behalf for all they do. She often signs a Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul book for the unit and gifts it to them, from you, not her. “Don’t thank me” she says, “thank HR (or your CNO, whatever is best.) This really increases employees’ feelings of satisfaction and appreciation.

4) How does employee satisfaction affect patient care?

A nurse cannot deliver that which she/he does not have inside. The best patient care is that which meets the patient’s physical, mental and spiritual needs. A balanced, positive nurse brings that touch to providing compassionate competent patient care, which is the ultimate goal in all we do. Patients cared for by nurses in healthy work environments are twice as likely to report high satisfaction. 1% change in employee satisfaction = 1% change in patient satisfaction.

5) How does all this affect our bottom line?

Twenty-percent of first year nurses quit. Many seasoned nurses resign because they feel under appreciated and/or burned out. Conservative estimates state it costs $62,000 to recruit and train a new nurse. Every nurse that stays, saves you money. Simply put, you can’t afford to lose your best and brightest nurses.
Delivering compassionate, competent patient care increases patient healing and recovery times. That translates to higher patient satisfaction scores and reimbursements.

6) Do LeAnn’s programs qualify for CEUs?

Yes. She has all the objectives listed on proper forms and we’ll provide you with what you need to accredit your attendees.

7) Are there ways that we can get creative to stretch our budget?

Yes. Based on our experience, it often helps to approach vendors that you work with to consider sponsorship. Who wants their product to be in front of your people? Who would like to align with LeAnn’s nurturing messages? You might also draw from various budgets in-house such as human resources, employee wellness, education, and medical staff offices to share in cost.
Consider holding a public event for free or low-charge to give back to your community of caregivers and friends while boosting your image as a hospital or association that cares about the people you serve. LeAnn can also speak to your entire community on wellness.

8) Does LeAnn speak for other allied health professionals too?

Yes. All health professionals and care providers will glean from her messages. From nurses to physical therapists, from CNAs to lab technicians, from housekeeping to administrators – they will all benefit from her sage advice and positive motivation. Whether they are pushing pill, papers, or brooms, everyone is an equally important part of the healthcare team.

9) What does LeAnn have to offer our staff AFTER she leaves them?

LeAnn will keep on touching your employees long after she’s gone! She offers a free, short month E-zine that is full of timely reminders and tips to keep your staff caring for themselves, balancing their lives and continuing to compassionately care for others! Provide us with your employee’s preferred email and we’ll get them subscribed for free.

10) How does LeAnn customize her program for our group?

Various tools are used for LeAnn to fully understand and plan for your organization’s event. She will learn all she can about your attendees, your objectives, your mission and hot issues that are pertinent to your group. A primary pre-planning tool is LeAnn’s questionnaire. Once we receive the completed questionnaire from you, LeAnn will study, plan and contact you prior to your event to ensure that her program content will meet your expectations.

11) Does LeAnn offer support materials?

Yes, for every event LeAnn provides a handout(s) and bookmarks to reinforce her messages. Books, CDs and/or DVDs may be purchased or packaged into your event plans. We offer substantial discounts on materials to our clients, so you have the option to provide take-home tools for your attendees.

12) How can I check to see if LeAnn is available to speak for us?

Call LeAnn’s office at 970-223-1574 or email directly to learn about her calendar and availability. If the date that you want is available you may confirm it with a contract or you may place a hold on that date while further discussion takes place.

13) What is the confirmation process?

Once an engagement is verbally confirmed, LeAnn’s staff will draw up an agreement and send you a detailed packet including the title and topic description(s), her audio-visual requirements, bio, ideas for event promotion and a pre-program questionnaire to begin the process of planning the most successful event for you. A 50% deposit on LeAnn’s speaking fee is required to secure your event on her calendar.