Audience Impact

How effective was LeAnn’s recruitment and retention program?

"Our New Graduation Dinner is a key recruitment tool. This is the second event LeAnn had done for us and once again we hired over half of the 58 new grads who attended!"

Dana Hall, Nurse Recruiter
Franciscan Health System

"This sums it up: “I came here thinking this was my last Congress, that I have to quit nursing to get life balance. I’m so glad my coworker nagged me to come because LeAnn helped me see I don’t have to quit, I can balance my life and still be a nurse, and I love being a nurse.”"

Susan Blakewell, RN, MS
Educational Program Professional, AORN

"I’m staying now.  I’d thought of leaving, but you brought LeAnn and now I know you care. I’m staying.” This is definitely a testament to what her sessions meant to our employees! During the evening session out of the 75 nurses attending, we received 40 cards asking us to contact them regarding potential positions at the MedicalCenter. Wow!"

Peggy Sease, VP, Human Resources
Southeast Alabama Medical Center

"On our journey to achieve the Pathways of Excellence designation, we focused on Standard Number 9, A Balanced Lifestyle is Encouraged. LeAnn presented her inspiring keynote filled with her life balance tools and we bought a copy of her life balance book for every nurse. Their responses were overwhelming. Investing in LeAnn may be the best retention tool we’ve ever done."

Sherry Gehring RN, MOAM, MSN
Hancock Regional Hospital

"In the years I’ve been here, LeAnn’s was the most well-received program yet. The nurses are still talking about her! This may be our best retention strategy yet!"

Janice Minucci RN, MSEd, ONC
Hospital for Special Surgery

"We had LeAnn for three recruitment events, each tremendously successful!  She is motivating, genuine and her love of nursing validates why we went in to nursing. She inspires others to join our profession."

Delores Napolitano MA, RN
Meridian Health

"One specific employee admitted that he was looking at the Help Wanted ads the day before. LeAnn’s message renewed his commitment and energy to stay with Wheaton. Her messages of self care are helping our staff refill their cups on a daily basis."

Nancy Weber, CNO
Wheaton San Franciscan Healthcare

"This recruitment and retention event was by far the best I’ve ever seen in my 13 year career as a Healthcare Recruiter, with 98 in attendance externally, and 105 of our own employees.  As a result, we hired 1 Nurse Manager, 1 RN, 2 New Grad RNs, and 6 Nurse Externs. We’ve also had a Director level applicant. We had her back again!"

Yvonne Cano, Nurse Recruiter, Human Resources
Saint Francis Hospital

What impact has LeAnn had on your healthcare staff?

"Surveys from our staff show LeAnn is one of the most popular speakers we have ever hosted.  Satisfaction scores are off the charts.  Enthusiasm ran across all departments and education levels, and both genders. Team members are reading her books and discussing all they learned. We are proud to consider her an honorary member of the MHA family!"

Nancy McKeague SPHR
Michigan Health and Hospital Assoc.

"1,500 nurses gave LeAnn a standing ovation! She energized and taught them how to set priorities in a very chaotic time in their lives.  I heard quotes of “I’ve been coming to these conferences for 20 years, and I’ve never been so moved or so impressed by any presentation!” Her honesty and commitment to increase health and happiness mesmerized the audience."

Carole Kenner, DNS, RNC, FAAN
National Assoc. of Neonatal Nurses

"As a ‘non-nursing’ attendee of LeAnn’s program, I wasn’t sure how relevant the program would be for me. I was truly struck by the passion and genuine commitment to our profession. Her ability to connect with the audience and inspire them to excel was evident. Everyone left with a renewed sense of purpose."

Bob Bourg, VP of Organizational Development
St Ann’s Community

"LeAnn’s presentation was a fantastic fit for the ANCC Pathway to Excellence standard that encourages a balanced lifestyle in the practice environment for nurses. Her closing session was a fantastic and energizing way to return the participants to their home organizations. Many comments included, “I was totally inspired…she had me laughing and in tears… it was fabulous…thank you for bringing her to us!"

Mary Golway, Manager
American Nurses Credentialing Center

"LeAnn Thieman drew the biggest crowd that we had ever had; we were able to reach more nursing staff than ever with a message to help them work with patients who are reaching the end of life. Most impressive is that she went, unrequested, to our Palliative Care Unit to visit with families."

Jim Luce
 Clarian Health

"LeAnn’s presentation on the 4 generations in the workplace was great for grounding and perspective to relate to each other today. Taking this information back to my staff will increase understanding, performance, and retention. "

Micheal Hotz
The Health Center at Bloomingdale

How has morale improved?

"In this stressful time in healthcare of staffing shortages, high census, increased patient acuity LeAnn provided a valuable gift of hope and recommitment for our staff."

Pamela Hahn, RN, BSN, MA
Central Washington Hospital

"LeAnn’s presentation was exactly what we needed in our sometimes-low morale environment. She helped us focus on what brought us into nursing and for providing us skills to balance our personal and professional lives, renewing our commitment to nursing."

Valerie Dame, RN Nursing Retention Committee
Carondelet Health

"More than one person, after listening to LeAnn, stated that they had resolved to stay in the nursing profession, rededicating their commitment to nursing. In this day of nursing shortages, connecting with nurses to rejuvenate them becomes more and more difficult. Nurses need to hear LeAnn’s words of faith, encouragement, wisdom and inspiration."

Emily Fedorov, MSN, RN, CS
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

"This conference had the largest turnout ever! How exciting to have a standing-room-only crowd for LeAnn’s presentation! The feedback was greater than we have ever experienced. Some shared, “I realize I am a good nurse and I belong to this profession,” and “Thanks for the tools to deal with stress and negativity.”"

Kathleen Cunningham RN, BA
Akron Health System

How are nurse leaders impacted?

"LeAnn captivated our audience! As she so eloquently pointed out, the war zones she experienced in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift are not unlike those in healthcare today…too much to do, too few resources, making decisions under stress. She reminded us to care for ourselves as we care for others. One leader summed it up: “I’m going to live my life differently after hearing LeAnn today."

Sally Craven, Director Membership Services/Meetings
California Assoc of Health Facilities

"LeAnn’s presentation at our Annual Leadership Conference inspired all of us. We strive to create a balance of play and work and she had so many great strategies on how to achieve this. It was fascinating to watch the attendees at her book signing share how she touched their lives. LeAnn has such a special gift and we are all blessed that she has chosen to share it with the world. "

Carlie Boudreaux
Amedisys Home Health Services

"From our time with LeAnn, nursing has continually infused her teaching into their practice, every day. Our nurse leaders expressed how uplifting it is knowing “we” are united to bring work-life balance to their roles. We have embarked on a rapid cycle of testing their creative ideas to assist them in the management of their workloads. All this creativity stemmed from LeAnn’s inspiring presentation and book!"

Linda Lewis MSA, RN, NEA-BC, FACHENovant Health

"LeAnn’s presentation at our Chief Nurse Executive Forum was the conference highlight. Her message of team-oriented care and mentoring truly inspired our customer’s to take care of themselves for the better good of the patients."

Sharon Collins

"Our audience of nurse leaders appreciated LeAnn and gave her an overwhelming ovation. Her high energy, great feeling and wonderful story telling leaves nurses energized and inspired, which they take back to impact their nurses too."

Mary Sheahan MS, RN
Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders

Would You Recommend LeAnn?

"LeAnn provided our staff with at “care plan” for physical, mental and spiritual selves. She was, “great, fantastic, inspiring, uplifting!” I strongly urge you to invite LeAnn to convey her powerful messages of hope and healing."

Maria Smolenski, RN, BSN
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

"LeAnn was the star of the conference and we have been inundated with praise for her session. We were privileged to have her share her expertise, and would highly recommend her presentation to others who want to inspire their staff, give them tools for self-care, and refuel their commitments."

Brian Lee CSP, Founder
Healthcare Service Excellence Assoc.

"Our participants were absolutely blown away by our presentations. The evaluations were “off the chart” excellent. I’m writing the contract to have her back to speak at our next Convention and Trade Show."

Linda MowBray, Education Director
Kansas Health Care Assoc.

"I recommend LeAnn Thieman to assure any program success. She is a great speaker for a Nurse’s Week celebrations or any type of meeting where you are seeking nurses to be energized and inspired."

Mary Sheahen, MS, RN Executive Director
Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders

"LeAnn wowed our crowd as the opening keynote speaker, capturing delegates’ souls. She was the highlight of our conference with a near- perfect rating. Her team worked closely with ours preparing quarterly articles for our CARE Magazine. She went the extra mile and facilitated a concurrent session with a diverse group of managers, educators, students, and front line nurses."

Linda Stranger 
Canada Licensed Practical Nurse Assoc.

"LeAnn’s presentation was the highlight of our conference, providing both education and entertainment, which is the most effective delivery for learning! She had highest ratings on all criteria."

Janet Spence, PhD, MBA
American College of Health Care Administrators