Nurse Recruitment: Hope for New Nurse Graduates

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, February 19th, 2013

Fifteen years ago there were a hundred hospitals in New Jersey. Today there are seventy, and it is anticipated there will be even fewer in the future. 60% of nurses are employed in hospitals, so when there are fewer hospitals, there are fewer nursing positions, and nurse recruitment suffers.

The economic downturn is another factor in the hiring of new nurses.

When the recession began, many nurses who normally would have retired did not, and many of those who worked part-time or had retired went back to work because of financial challenges in their families.

As the economy improves, more and more older nurses will retire. The average age of a nurse is 47.

We must all encourage new grads looking for jobs, so we don’t lose them from nursing. The challenge for some with a two year degree is that many hospitals are asking for a BSN degree. It is important for nurses to look at their long-term goals because we will have a nursing exodus and a shortage in the years to come. Instead of only looking for a job in a hospital, nursing grads should expand their horizons. That might mean working in long term care, for the Red Cross, or possibly going to go back to school to be more employable with a 4 year degree.

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