Nurse Recruitment and Nurse Retention: Create a Culture of Learning

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, May 24th, 2016

According to the IOM Future of Nursing report, we must prepare nurses to lead the charge to advance healthcare and we must prepare the current workforce to assume leadership positions at all levels. To do so, we need to foster a culture of learning – an important element for nurse recruitment and nurse retention.

culture of learningWe must ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning, not just safety or regulatory training, but the real development that they need.  In a recent 2-year study by Bournes & Ferguson-Pare, two departments offered training to employees. One offered status quo traditional training and the other offered more electives and nontraditional classes. The department with the nontraditional training had lower turnover, a budget surplus, less employee sick time, and shorter patient stays.  When you invest in your employees, they will invest back.

In these challenging times, budgets for education are often reduced. These reports prove that investing in your nurses’ education pays off.

Nurses of all ages and experience love to learn. It’s a great nurse recruitment and nurse retention tool.

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