Do Magnet Hospitals Give Better Care?

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, August 7th, 2014

A professional practice environment that is supportive of nursing explains why Magnet hospitals have better nurse-reported quality of care than non-Magnet hospitals, according to a study.

hospitalResearchers with the New York University College of Nursing and University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing explored links between recognized nursing excellence and quality patient outcomes.

Only 9% of American hospitals have Magnet recognition and Magnet hospitals have higher job satisfaction and lower patient mortality than non-Magnet hospitals. Research into the causes of these differences can create an infrastructure for positive change in nurse and patient outcomes.

Amy Witkoski Stimpfel, RN, PhD, assistant professor at NYUCN, said, “Our study shows that the overall quality of patient care can be optimized when nurses work in a positive environment, with adequate resources and support at the organizational level.”

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One response to “Do Magnet Hospitals Give Better Care?”

  1. Using 7,000 as the number of hospitals in the U.S., that number could be off, that means there are approximately 630 Magnet Hospitals.

    Honestly, I am a bit surprised with such a low number.

    My comment or question is, are you saying that all Magnet Hospitals score better than the other 6,370 non Magnet hospitals? As a statistician and someone who has worked in healthcare for 45 years I know there are a lot more variables to measure than mortality. Would love to see the research..

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