Caring for our Nurses and Caregivers

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, December 10th, 2015

Healthcare systems must create an environment that protects a nurse’s well-being. About 52% of nurses complain of chronic back pain, according to American Nurses Association. A new study reported that nurses suffer from 4.5 times more contact dermatitis than any other profession, as a result of frequent hand-washing, scrubbing and sanitizing.

nurse health We need to give great attention to caring for our nation’s caregivers, showing how much we value them, perpetuating the idea that nursing is a good career choice.

Increased staff retention and better morale will result when organizations take the time care for their nurses and all caregivers. Nurses love taking care of people. Who will care for them? To learn the best way to care for nurses is teaching them to care for themselves. Visit SelfCare for HealthCare to learn more.

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