Workplace Culture: Employers Flunk Reducing Employee Stress

Employers are doing a poor job of reducing employee stress and creating a less stressful workplace culture, according to a new poll by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Among working adults who said they experienced a great deal of stress at work in the past 12 […]

Workplace Wellness Programs Increase Engagement

The key to increasing employee engagement, health, happiness and well-being lies in establishing a workplace culture of wellness, according to a study by Humana and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The study, called “The Wellness Effect: The Impact of Workplace Programs,” explored the impact of workplace wellness programs, as well as the challenges and opportunities that continue to […]

Nurse Health: Compassion Fatigue Plagues Trauma Teams

A nurse health fact: trauma care providers are at risk for compassion fatigue and burnout, but may not perceive the extent and effects. In a recent study, trauma team workers cited on-the-job stress triggers that included child or elder abuse, trauma involving children, cases involving multiple family members, injuries from avoidable situations, and “senseless” deaths. […]

Can Exercise Help Beat Cancer?

Can exercise really help beat cancer? An experiment in which mice ran between 4 and 7 kilometers a night showed how exercise can boost the immune system’s attack on cancer, preventing new tumors growing, and slowing the growth of existing ones by up to 60%. A University of Copenhagen in Denmark team tested the effects of […]

Nurse Health: One Third of Americans Are Sleep Deprived!

An alarming fact for those concerned with nurse health: One of every three Americans doesn’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, according to a new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 35% of U.S. adults are sleeping less than seven hours a night, increasing their risk of a wide […]

Nurse Retention: GenX Our Next Leaders

Soon Baby Boomers will be retiring en masse, taking their lifetimes of knowledge and experience with them. There’s lots written about tapping the Gen Y (Millennials) to replace them in the workforce, with too little attention given to Gen X and the many assets this dedicated generation can bring. Contrary to some of their mis-labels, […]

Caregivers Sacrificing Their Own Well-being & Selfcare

Millions of family and friends who are caregivers may be sacrificing their own well-being and selfcare, a new study suggests. Caregivers who provided “substantial help” were almost twice as likely to experience physical, financial and emotional difficulties. Such caregivers, if employed, were three times more likely to be less productive on the job due to […]

Life Balance: Boost health and wealth with these tips

Employee Wellness: Increase Employee Engagement, Happiness and Health

Increasing employee wellness, employee engagement, health, happiness and well-being lies in employers who establish a workplace culture of wellness, according to a study released by Humana and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The study, called “The Wellness Effect: The Impact of Workplace Programs,” examined the scope, reach and impact of workplace wellness programs. The study surveyed 200 U.S.-based […]

Life Balance: Women Who Work Full-Time Prone To Health Issues

Women who work Full-Time are more prone to health issues: beware of your health. A recent Ohio State University study shows many working women are prone to higher risks of health problems. Life balance expert and nurse speaker LeAnn Thieman shares the health benefits of taking time off and relaxing.