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What Are You Grateful For

I am reminded everyday for everything that I have to be grateful for. Today, I am adding this magnificent view to my gratitude list. What will you add to your list today? For more information on caring for our minds, bodies and spirits, visit SelfCare for Healthcare.

Life Balance: Finding Relaxation

When is the last time that you swayed, relaxed, breathed deeply and allowed yourself to renew and replenish? That is exactly what I am doing right now–and why I bought this hammock to help. How will you find your relaxation place? You deserve it! To learn how to care for yourself as you care for […]

Selfcare: Exercise Reduces Risk of Heart Disease!

Younger women who practice selfcare and exercise just 2 ½ hours a week may cut their risk for heart disease by up to 25%. The choices they make in the first half of their lives determine their well-being and health in the second half, according to a study from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in […]

Young Men Must Reduce Stress & Practice Selfcare!

Young men who get stressed out easily appear to have a greater risk of high blood pressure later in life, all the more reason for good selfcare habits now! Researchers found that, among 18-year-old men, those who had the lowest stress-resilience scores were 40% more likely to develop high blood pressure later than those with […]

Baby Boomer Nurses Retiring

Around a million registered nurses are older than 50, meaning one-third of the current nursing workforce will reach retirement age in the next 10 to 15 years. More than half a million are projected to retire by 2022…that’s 6 years from now! Many nurses postponed retiring during the downturn in the economy, but now they are […]

More Registered Nurses Decrease Mortality Rates

Hospitals with more registered nurses and doctors per bed can reduce patient death by as much as 20 percent, according to researchers in England. Having more nurses and doctors overall is not enough, as researchers found having more unregistered nurses increased the death rate at hospitals. The researchers focused on cost-cutting measures, either reducing staff […]

Employee Wellness: Save Money, Reduce Employee Stress

Today, 78% of employers think stress is an issue among their employees, manifested in lower engagement, increased absence, lower productivity, and low participation and success rates in employee wellness programs. Employers are realizing it saves money when they reduce employee stress, offering programs to determine root causes of stress, and providing tools to help them […]

Aging Population Causing Nursing Shortage

The prospect of a national nursing shortage is alarming. Due to an aging population, the rising incidence of chronic disease, an aging nursing workforce, and the limited capacity of nursing schools, this shortage is on the brink of crisis. America’s 3 million nurses make up the largest segment of the health-care workforce in America and […]

Life Balance: Don’t Work After Work

While some leaders think that having employees respond to emails after work and on weekends is a good way to increase productivity, encouraging them to do so actually hurts their job performance and disrupts their life balance. New research suggests that employers damage their employeesꞌ well-being and work-life balance and weaken their job performance when […]