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These Nurses Are Saints

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, March 25th, 2011

This week I fulfilled a life goal. I inspired and honored the nurses and staff at St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Ever since I was a little girl and watched Danny Thomas on TV, I dreamed of visiting the hospital he began to help children, regardless of their ability to pay. I was in awe as I toured the beautiful building with whimsical beautiful murals from floor to ceiling. Anyone would feel healthier just stepping into the bright, sunny, positive environment!

But mostly I was in awe of the nurses and staff who care for kids with cancer every day in the 60 bed inpatient hospital and often as many as 300 in outpatient clinics. Many of these heroes have been there 10, 20 even 30 years!

Recruitment isn’t an issue there..lots of people want to work at this Top 100 hospital! The wise and caring coworkers focus on retention, caring for each other as they care for others.

I was privileged to give them life balance tools to help deal with the inevitable compassion fatigue. I think I left as inspired as they!

If I can help your nurses too, please contact me.