Why Do 18% of New Nurses Quit Their First Jobs?

Written by LeAnn Thieman, CSP, July 30th, 2010

I just learned about the RN Work Project ( This project will track career changes among newly licensed registered nurses.

With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation until 2016, they will study RN work careers for 10 years.

Understanding the needs and challenges of new RNs is crucial understanding the supply of and demand for nurses. This study examines the first work settings of newly licensed registered nurses to learn what influences their first job choice and where they move to afterward.

About 18 % of newly licensed RNs leave their first nursing employer within a year of starting their job and 26% leave within 2 years. Of these about 92% take another nursing job with a different employer.

This study is crucial for nurse recruitment and retention. To learn more ideas, contact me.

One response to “Why Do 18% of New Nurses Quit Their First Jobs?”

  1. Very Interesting.

    I hope these findings will shred some light for the industry to see just how much we need more nurses.

    Great post.

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