LeAnn Thieman, author
“I’m going to live my life differently after hearing you today.”
LeAnn Thieman is the author of 16 books, including the newly released Chicken Soup for the Soul, Inspiration for Nurses!

That’s how one CEO summed up his reaction after hearing LeAnn’s powerful keynote sharing life-changing lessons from her Operation Babylift adventure. While nursing and health organizations are drawn to her keynotes and seminars on nurse retention and nurse recruitment, her audiences also include cattlemen, contractors, Christian groups, women’s groups and corporate America.

LeAnn's Presentations

Balancing Life &
Making a Difference

Life-changing Lessons for Coping in Our “War Zones” Today

Babies in van, Nurse SpeakerRecounting her dramatic experiences from the Vietnam Orphan Airlift, LeAnn inspires people to balance their lives and truly live their priorities. They don’t have to fly into a war zone to make a difference in the world; she honors each of them for lighting their single candles of caring.

Nurse Recruitment and Retention

Nurse Retention &
Nurse Recruitment

A “Care Plan” for Nurses to Care for Themselves as They Care for Others

Nurse Retention ExpertMost nurses didn’t choose their careers because of the great hours, pay, and working conditions! LeAnn reminds them why they entered the profession and why they stay, positively impacting nurse retention and nurse recruitment. Sharing life balance tools, love, and humor, LeAnn inspires them to sign on and stay on.

SelfCare for Healthcare

Your Guide to Physical, Mental,
and Spiritual Health

An Initiative to Improve Engagement, Nurse Retention, Patient Care and Outcomes

Nurse Recruitment ExpertHealthy, fulfilled nurses improve patient care, safety, and satisfaction. LeAnn helps superior leaders create a holistic, caring, inclusive work environment that decreases turnover, improves patient outcomes, and decreases costs…an environment in which all nurses desire to be a part.